Срещу домашното насилие

Even during social isolation and financial crisis, Roksana Kirilova continues to work for the benefit of people in need and to support new charitable causes.

She has repeatedly stated her intolerance to domestic violence and has supported victims of violence, as a mother, wife and public figure.

During the state of emergency and the holidays - May 1 and St. George's Day, Roksana Kirilova joined the campaign to raise food products and money.
"For me, this cause is very personal. I support the crisis center, whose activities are related to the prevention of women and children victims of domestic violence or risk of trafficking. Violence in the family and in society is a reality. In many cases it is everyday and dangerous for the lives of the victims. There emust be response before it is too late We ourselves have witnessed recently the misfortunes of this type of behavior on the part of the perpetrators and if there is anything I can do to help in this regard I always get involved willingly and with no worries.
My appeal to all is to put ourselves in the place of every woman, mother and child and to feel how they feel at such a moment. Our responsiveness in helping them will give them hope that the good exists and they have a chance for a normal life, a life without violence.

The message with what I do is that our society needs more kind-hearted people because they are the ones who help in one way or another. "Financial status does not always justify human status," shared Roksana Kirilova.