Donation to the Children's Day Center "St. Nedelya"

Mrs. Bulgaria Roksana Kirilova and the Children and Youth School of PFC "Slavia Sofia" made a donation to the Children's Day Center "St. Nedelya" for children with disabilities in the municipality of Sandanski.

Children from the football club are in the municipality to participate in the Pirin Cup tournament, in which Roksana Kirilova's son also participates in the Slavia team in the 2011 group.

"This way was born the idea of a charity event under the motto -" Children give love to children" on the occasion of February 14. Love is the driving force and these children show it every day on the field that when a someone does something with love, the results are not late. Unfortunately, there are children who do not have the physical or mental ability, but they need love. Each of us needs love. Sport builds a person, sport builds a personality. Education, through sport and love, gives rise to the resilient personalities of our time. So I wanted to show that the two things go together and I have initiated this cause. Thanks to the municipal councilors from Sandanski Stoyan Stoev and Georgi Georgiev, who welcomed our children in the city and organized a meeting with the management of the day center so that my son and I could present the donation, which includes soccer balls, sport suits of PFC "Slavia" and treats. The children in the home also received a special ball, on which each of the players of the men's team of Slavia had put his signature and his number in the Bulgarian championship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the responsiveness of the management of PFC "Slavia Sofia", the coach of my son Aleksandar Zahariev and the men's team for the fact that with joint efforts we did something valuable for children, whose dream is to be able to kick a ball like their peers. Every cause with love is doomed to success and attracts well-wishers. The good is an avalanche and that is why I will continue in this direction. Although they did not win the tournament, the children of PFC "Slavia" won the most important thing - the hearts of all and showed a real sports game based on love again," concluded Roksana Kirilova.
Макар и да не спечелиха турнира, децата на ПФК“Славия“ спечелиха най-важното – сърцата на всички и показаха истинска спортментска игра в основата на която пак бе любовта.“, заключи Роксана Кирилова.