Warm lunch to people from the Home for Elderly

On the day of one of the brightest Christian holidays, Annunciation, Roksana Kirilova reopened her heart for good deeds.

She donated funds for a warm lunch to 100 people from the Home for Elderly with Mental Retardation in the village of Podgumer. As always, during charity events, her son Mark was by her side.

In recent years, Roksana Kirilova has devoted much of her time to various charitable initiatives, and for her this has become an exceptional privilege, not just a campaign to attract media interest. It is responsibility, empathy and compassion that she wants to teach her son.

The businesswoman of the year in the "Charity" category talked to the acting director of the Home for the Elderly with Mental Retardation about the problems of the home, about the condition of the people accommodated in it. Roksana also met some of the residents of the social institution and talked to them, albeit at a distance, given the difficult situation related to the coronavirus.

"My meeting with these people was extremely emotional. I am still under the influence of my conversations with them. They are also someone's parents and need to feel the warmth of being cared for by a loved one. Their mental state does not make them different from us, believe me. They need love, understanding and attitude. Emotions that give you light on the way and hope in the future that through the power of love and devotion together we can make a better world around us. Everyone is born with their own destiny, each of us is fighting our own battle, for which we should not judge, but accept the other", said Roksana Kirilova excitedly and added:" Thanks to Bilyana Todorova and Tihomir Todorov from the BlagoDaritel Foundation that they prepared the food for the home residents and together with my son we delivered it to where it was greeted with gratitude.