Sheltered Home for the Mentally Retarded "Light for Us" in Sofia

On Holy Thursday – the day of enlightenment and purification of souls, Mrs. Bulgaria Roksana Kirilova visited the orphans from the Sheltered Home for the Mentally Retarded "Light for Us" in Sofia.

Together with her son Mark, they gave eggs and Easter cakes they had bought and delivered freshly prepared food.

Supporters in their good cause were the BlagoDaritel foundation.

"I don't think we should be good only on holidays. One must always carry goodness in one's heart in order to share it with people in need. The Easter holidays are an exceptional occasion for balance. How much love did we give? How humble were we? Christ teaches us humility and love. This is what I want to teach my son as well ", shares Roksana Kirilova and adds:

"The great gift of Easter is hope. The resurrection gives meaning, direction, and the opportunity to begin anew, regardless of the circumstances. And regardless of the circumstances, these young people work and learn to live in our parametric world, filled with love, purity and humility for being born that way. We can only learn from them because they show that the greatest gift is our life. ”